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is going boozy.

Chido! If you’ve ever watched a Mexican TV show, it’s very likely that you’ve heard this word used. It's a slang for something being delightful or cool. Chido Kombucha takes its inspiration from Central American flavors and has a playful design that will contribute to a strong and recognizable style.

Type of project: Client project

Client: Chido Brewery

Responsibilities: Design, copy, print and illustrations. 


A new kombucha brewery is planned to launch in Sweden, distinguished from other breweries by being the first on the market to produce alcoholic kombucha. Hard Kombucha is appealing to today’s health-conscious consumers, and people who are looking for something exciting and out of the ordinary - a different alternative to beer and artificially flavored ‘ready-to-drinks’.


Your mission is to package the new kombucha and help the client reach out to the consumers. 

till portfolio combutcha_edited.jpg
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