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Ditch the
old player.

Polpo started in 2022 producing entertainment in the form of podcasts and shows. In February 2023, Polpo play launched, an app for Podcasts.


What distinguishes Polpo Play from other podcast players is, among other things, their way of approaching advertisement, which normally occurs in the form of interruptions. Polpo Play implemented something called "Pops", which can be compared to notifications about promotional offers. These offers could be collected in a wallet to use/take advantage of later.

Type of project: Client project 

Client: Polpo Play

Team: Alice Fors (AD) Victoria Björnefur (CW)

Walle Wallman (AD) Timjan Hofmann (CW)

IP- Marlene Larsson, Amanda Rosén, Anna Lundberg 


How can we make Polpo Play the obvious choice when major competitors such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts are already established in the market?


Polpo acts as an umbrella for all pop culture. Live shows, articles, blogs, podcasts and more can be enjoyed in one app.


Solution Ditch the old player and come join the pop culture instead!

Sound AD Polpo Play
00:00 / 00:41
We also had popcorn in mind, to tie back to the word play on "pop! culture". 
From our interpretation and solution of the brief, IP students produced prototypes of packaging for the campaign.
Here is the result:
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